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What is Urology and Andrology?

The department of Urology and Andrology deals with the diseases of kidney, ureters and bladder. Andrology is the subspeciality dealing exclusively for the diseases of male patients

What are common urological problems?

  • Urinary tract infection
  • Stone disease
  • Prostate enlargement
  • Incontinence of urine
  • Infertility
  • Cancers of genitourinary system


Whole world is astonished with this wonder instrument with which the management of prostate and stone disease has become easy. Laser is utilised to break the stones which then pass out in the stream.

Prostate diseases-symptoms and management

All males have prostate gland just below the urinary bladder. This gland enlarges in size as the person ages. The ability to empty urine in a single go is slowly diminished and person starts noticing increasing need to empty bladder at night, straining to empty bladder, sense of urgency, sense of incomlplete evacuation etc.,
These symptoms are commonly thought of as age related but rather they are all caused by obstruction to the passage of urine.

How to treat prostate enlargement?

There are many drugs as per indivudual need which may be used to treat prostate enlargement.These drugs may need to be continued for long time after which a short stoppage period may be tried. If symptoms recur or complications like infection bleeding, stone develop then it is mandatory to proceed for surgery.

What are various surgical options?

Surgery ranges from transurethral resection to robotic procedures. The commonly performed surgery is inserting a endoscope into urethra and resecting the enlarged prostate gland. The complications are minimal and patients return to normal activity within a week.

Is there any possiblity of recurrence?

A properly performed surgery causes lease recurrence rates. With advancements in instrumentation the complication rate is negligible.

What is uro gynaecology?

The speciality dealing with urinary problems of females is called uro gynaecology. The field of uro-gynaecology is rapidly evolving with many females expecting world class treatment at afordable cost. At VMC , the department of urology is fully equipped with all latest technology to tackle problems like urinary incontinence, mass descending per vaginum, stress incontinence etc.,


Another sub speciality of urology dealing with cancer arising in all genitourinary organs. The urology team at vmc are dedicated to provide the standard of care in managing the patients suffering from cancer. Be it minimal access surgery( laparoscopy) to palliative care all type of patients with all ailments are dealth with expert team.


An often unexplored area of urology with people suffering needing much attention the field of neuro urology is much new to south india and at team yuvan, we are commited to provide quality care to these paersons sifering from neurological conditions affecting bladder.