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Our Services

General urology

Yuvan urology clinic provides all the general urology services like

  • Treatment for urinary tract infections
  • Diagnosis and treatment of kidney stones
  • Treatment for bleeding in urine
  • Treatment for difficulty in urination
  • Treatment for enlargement of kidney and mass lesions in kidney and urinary bladder
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Andrology is handling diagnosis and treatment of common problems in mens health

  • Treatment for erectile dysfunction
  • Treatment for premature ejaculation
  • Treatment for nocturnal ejaculation
  • Evaluation and treatment for infertility
  • Testis biopsy
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Neuro urology Services

Neuro urology services is fully equipped with state of art urodynamic system to handle all varieties of neurological problems in urination

  • Uncontrolled urgency to urination
  • Inability to control urination
  • Spinal injury and urinary difficulties
  • Diabetes related neuro -urology problems
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Paediatric urology

Paediatric urology services are provided at Yuvan urology clinic on all days.the services provided are

  • Diagnosis and treatment of common paediatric problems in urination
  • Night time bed wetting
  • Difficulties in controlling urination
  • Paediatric kidney and bladder stones
  • Undescended testis treatment
  • Cancers of kidney and testis
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Uro gynaecology

Speciality of urology dealing with women`s health. Day to day problems faced by all ages of women are managed

  • Urinary incontinence treatment
  • Pelvic organ prolapse treatment
  • Infertility evaluation
  • Recurrent urinary tract infection evaluation and treatment
  • Neurogenic bladder in elderly women
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Laparoscopic urology

laparoscopy services to manage all conditions which were previously manageable by open surgeries

  • Laparoscopic nephrectomy
  • Laparoscopic radical neophrectomy- for removal of tumour in kidney
  • Laparoscopic pyeloplasty- treatment of obstruction in the kidney
  • Laparoscopic pyelolithotomy – large stone in kidney removal
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Our Doctor


Yuvan Urology Clinic deals with the diseases of kidney, ureters and bladder. Andrology is the subspeciality dealing exclusively for the diseases of male patients

We are capable of giving the world class health care with the well experienced doctors.

Dr. R. M. Sathis Kumar Urologist

Our Expertise

Laparoscopic urology

Modern surgery has always been inspired by completing the procedures by minimal access. Surgeries traditionally performed by opening the adomen are nowadays being performed by laparoscopic access. All complex reconstructive urological problems may be addressed by this method.

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Females usually suffer in isolation their urological problems – atleast in the part of world where I work! No need to be suffering like this anymore. Lot s and lots of treatment are offered for urinary complaints – ranging from medications to simple surgeries which can help the person get rid of the problem.

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Neuro urology

The field of neuro urology deals with the urological problem s arising due to neurological causes. The scope of this is at present limited in south but worldwide lots and lots of research is ongoing which will help those patients live a quality life.

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    • Dr. Sathish is a brilliant, genuine, patient and a very, very honest doctor. He took the time to hear me out, listen to my situation and then did whatever he had to do. I would definitely recommend him as someone to go to if one needs to vist a urologist. Also, everyone else that works in the clinic is just as great of a person and hospitable as Dr. Sathish is.

      Dion Mullins
    • dr.sathishkumar urologist had done the treatment by perfect manner.I have ever seen this type of care and treat the patients in friendly manner.all the staffs are well trained and know how to treat the patients.good infrastructure and the rooms are neat and hygienic. If anybody have problems based on urinary system please consult dr.sathish and quickly recover your health.

      Mani Maran
    • Very good hospitality nd care given by the doctor nd nurses

      Niranjan T

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